Comparison of Subjective Refraction under Binocular and Monocular Conditions in Myopic Subjects

spherical refraction

At present, in a clinical setting, we measure only subjective refraction, and that, only for monocular testing. However, in man, vision functions under binocular conditions. The evaluation of visual performance under binocular conditions is important. We recently showed that increased pupil diameter under monocular conditions produces higher wavefront aberrations than under binocular conditions.

We are pleased to announce that our study has been published in Scientific Reports. For more information about this topic, please see the study linked below.



Hidenaga Kobashi
Kazutaka Kamiya
Tomoya Handa
Wakako Ando
Takushi Kawamorita
Akihito Igarashi
Kimiya Shimizu

From Kitasato University, Japan


Published on Scientific Reports