Boy or girl? – A new visual acuity test screening tool

visual acuity test

Making young children understand the content of visual acuity tests is not easy. For example, it can be difficult to get them to understand the visual acuity test targets on the Landolt Ring chart or Snellen chart. Eye charts for children that use simple symbols as visual targets have been reported, but the need to understand the visual target itself has not changed (Kastenbaum et al. 1977; Woodhouse et al. 1992; Hered et al. 1997; Vision in Preschoolers Study Group 2010). For example, with the use of a picture visual target, they need to understand what the picture visual target itself is (horse, car, etc.). Development of a visual acuity test for screening that young children can understand and respond to in a short time and with little difficulty is needed.

We have developed and verified a new screening visual acuity test for children. Our study has been published in the Wiley Online Library. For more information about this topic, please see the study linked below.



Tomoya Handa
Ran Nakadate
Tomoko Hatayama
Tsukushi Yokota
Nobuyuki Shoji

From Kitasato University, Japan


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